About Us

Salinas Valley Business Women's Network
"To connect and support our members in building business and friendships through interactive and welcoming programs and events."
SVBWN Bylaws (PDF)

Since its inception in 1986, the Salinas Valley Business Women's Network has been an organization dedicated to providing support to the professional business woman. Through its monthly luncheon meetings, scholarship programs and various internal and community activities, members are given the opportunity to develop networking, leadership and general business skills that are uniquely tailored to meet their needs.

The Salinas Valley Business Women's Network is proud of its diverse and active membership, ranging from owners of small businesses to those engaged in part-time employment. From the business professional with years of experience to the novice sales representative, penciling out her first business plan, the Network provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, advice and, of course, business!

Here's what some of our members are saying.

"The luncheon meetings are incredibly supportive and fun to attend. I've learned as much from the speakers as I have from other members!"

"Being a Network member has definitely increased the word-of-mouth about my business."

"As a real estate broker, many of my clients are new to the Salinas area. I often refer them to other Network members for other services they will need. Having the Network in my "back pocket", so to speak, makes me even more valuable to my clients."

"I am a business professional employed by a large produce firm. The bottom line of my business does not directly benefit from my membership. Personally, however, I have scored big time! I have procured top-notch legal, accounting, financial and insurance services from members of the group."

"I am a business owner who is very active in the Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary and a few other professional organizations, so I cannot afford to belong to a group that doesn't meet my needs. The Salinas Valley Business Women's Network monthly meeting is one I rarely miss. The quality of membership and the information shared, coupled with a supportive, nurturing atmosphere.It's definitely a unique combination in today's busy, competitive business environment."

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